My new wind speed sensor

The completed assembly.

  • This new version runs silently and will probably
    be more robust against wear.


The central steel shaft with reed contact
and one of the two ball bearings.
  • At the bottom a reed contact with cable connection
    is fastened to the shaft with schrim plastic and tape
  • Above it a ball bearing that fits the diameter of the steel shaft.
  • Above the baal bearing a plastic tube as spacer.
  • Above the plastic tube the second ball bearing should have been.
  • The steel shaft is covered by plastic tube within the wooden
    block to protect it against corrosion. The screw keeps the
    shaft locked in position.



Detail of bottom of "fan"
  • The hollow aluminum shaft is made of a scrapped camping chair.
    It fits snugly over the two ball bearings after
    having been widened slightly on the inside with a round file.
  • On the outside of the bottom end of the shaft a strong magnet is glued with a glue gun.
    The magned is taken from a scrapped aquarium window cleaner.
  • The threaded rods are fastened to the shaft with two brass rings made from
    scrapped parts from water tube connection parts. I made threaded holes in it to
    fasten the treaded rods and a screw to fasten it to the shaft.
  • The upper end of the shaft is plugged up with a cork and glue gun glue to prevent
    water from reaching the ball bearings.


Another detail

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