The arms

This picture shows the tilting arms. They front piece of each arm is made from 6.5 mm birch plywood, the back piece of 4 mm plywood. The distance between these is 32 mm (on the inside). The narrow back piece allows the arm to move freely while the front has the same distance from the back plate as the glued on parts of the ball track.  The hollow block at the right end and the middle and front stoppers are made from solid birch.

The drawing got a 1 cm grid. I have cut the parts along the lines on the drawing with a band saw. Afterwards I have sanded them smooth on the sawed sides. This has made them about 1 mm narrower than the picture shows. Note that the front and back pieces are slightly different. The front piece is larger to hide the fastening.

The arms must be balanced by putting weights (nails or metal wire) inside the hollow block.

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Last modified 15.05.98