The ball track

This picture shows the top of the ball track. All the ball track parts are made from 6.5 mm birch plywood. Small plywood blocks are also used as spacers between the front and back parts. The distance between these is always 32 mm (on the inside).

All drawings have got a 1 cm grid. I have cur the parts along the lines on the drawing with a band saw. Afterwards I have sanded smooth on the sawed sides. This has made them about 1 mm narrower than the picture shows. All parts must be adjusted before fastening to the back plate to make the balls pass freely.

The upper part of the ball track is fastened to the back plate from behind with only one screw working as a hinge. This allows the left end to be lifted for removal of the plexiglass tube. All other parts are glued to the back plate. I use a small glue gun, and two droplets is enough for each part to be glued.

 This picture shows the top of the ball track.

This picture shows the middle part of the ball track.

 This picture shows the ball reservoir

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Last modified 15.05.98