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About myself

I live in Trondheim, Norway. I am an electronic engineer working as Research Scientist at SINTEF,
a research establishment affiliated with the Norwegian University of Technology and Science.
Email address: helge [#] ru-stad.name
Other web addresses: My professional homepage
My family:  Turid  Anders  Bjørn

Hobby projects

The ball clock at Vitensenteret

A clock where the time is counted by ping pong balls. The clock is mainly built using Lego Technic. It is displayed at "Vitensenteret", a Science Centre and Exploratorium here in Trondheim.
  More info and better pictures

My ball clock at home

Another clock of the same type. This one is built mainly of wood.
uild your own clock?
Some construction details are included on the following pages.

More info and better pictures


Xylophone playing clock

  A clock that plays melodies on a small xylophone every hour.

More info and better pictures

Door bells

Electromechanical doorbells using ceramic or brass bells.

 More info and better pictures


Weather station 


A simple home-made weather station.
It logs wind speed, wind direction and temperature.
  More info   Weather data
En enkel hjemmelaget værstasjon.
Den logger vindhastighet, retning og temperatur.
Mere informasjon   Værdata


Ping pong ball computer 


I got an idea to try to make a mechanical model (driven by a ping pong ball) of things going on inside a digital computer. The result is a model that can add two numbers, an accumulater as we call it in computer terminology. 
More pictures
How does it work?
Jeg fikk en ide om å prøve å lage en mekanisk modell (drevet av en bordtennisball) av noe av det som foregår inne i en datamaskin. Resultatet ble en modell som kan summere to tall, en akkumulator som vi kaller det på fagspråket. 
Flere bilder
Hvordan virker den.


The Wheel

A rolling ball sculpture


En "rulle-ball-skulptur"



A simple home-made Java game.


Et enkelt hjemmelaget Java-spill.


Grafisk kryptografi  

En modell for Vitensenteret i Trondheim


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